Sum-m On The Go!

When you’re travelling it’s hard to think of unique and tasty treats for the road. If you have time, making healthy alternatives is the way to go. But occasionally, time just gets away from you and you’re left struggling to find something to snack on.

Sum-m spring rolls and gyozas make the perfect snack while on the road whether you’re driving, flying, taking the train or using any other mode of transport.


Can’t say no to dumplings on the road!

If traveling by air, our gyozas make a great light meal. While your seat companions are forking over money for tasteless and dry airplane sandwiches, you can sit back and enjoy your delicious gyozas. Put them into plastic containers with a pair of wooden chopsticks, pair it with some fruit and you have yourself a meal.  


A quick snack on the go

Driving to your destination? Or going camping? Pack your gyozas into individual plastic containers along with the dipping sauce and put them in your cooler on road trips. Cut spring rolls in half for easy eating and also put them into your cooler.

Taking the train? Biking? Hiking? All good reasons to bring along some gyoza or spring rolls for a snack.


Packed and all ready to go!

What are some of your favorite snacks for the road?

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