Halloween Inspired Meals, Snacks and Sweets

Happy Halloween! This ghoulish holiday is just around the corner. Will you be heading to a Halloween party or two? Here are some healthy (and not so healthy) snack and meal ideas to bring a little spooky fun to your Halloween party.

Hauntingly Healthy Snacks

Banana Ghosts & Clementine Pumpkins


These healthy snacks are easy to put together. A couple of chocolate chips in different sizes into the bananas make them look like ghosts and adding a small stick of celery into the centre of a clementine turns them into instant pumpkins.

Healthy Candy Corn

Instead of eating all that candy corn and sugar, use the same colors to inspire a healthy treat. Cut up pineapple chunks, add a few orange slices, a dollop of whipped cream and a few pieces of candy, and you have a candy corn inspired fruit cocktail.

Another option is to make Popsicle with three different layers using pineapple juice for the yellow, orange juice for the orange and yogurt for the very top.

Pear and Strawberry Ghosts

Change up your ghost shapes by using different fruit. Dip them into white chocolate to give them a ghostly white color before decorating with chocolate chips.

Ghoulish Mains and Side Dishes

Ghost, Mummy and Spider Pizza


Photo: Bridget Patterson

Using your favorite pizza recipe as your base, have fun with the toppings. Cut the cheese using a ghost cooking cutter so when it melts, they keep their ghost-like shape. Or you can lay the cheese out so it looks like a spider web or a mummy. If you like olives on your pizzas, you can turn them into spiders by adding rosemary leaves to them.

Mashed Boo-tatoes

Pipe your mashed potatoes into an inverted cone and add in black sesame seeds to act as eyes. You can also use mashed sweet potatoes and form them into pumpkins. Pecan halves and cilantro leaves make up the pumpkin stem and leaves.

Black Worms with Brains and Blood Sauce

halloween 07

Photo: Chrissy Polcino

Or, for the squeamish, squid ink pasta with meatballs and tomato sauce. The dark color of the pasta mixed with the red of the sauce makes for a dramatic effect, but all it is is spaghetti with meatballs. Fun and delicious.

Mummy Potatoes and Meatballs

This is a great idea for a halloween inspired meal. Hollowed out baked potatoes form the mummy casket, the meatballs the body and slices of cheese become the wrappings of the mummy. Add in a few more decorative touches and you’re all set.

Spooky Sweets

Witch’s Finger Cookies

Witch fingers Halloween cookies

Photo: kinwawrt

Anordinary shortbread cookierecipe takes a grotesque turn with these Witch’s Finger cookies. The addition of some strawberry jam or red icing can give it even more of a bloody turn.

Cake Ball Brains with Oozing Cherry Blood

This creepy dessert is sure to catch everyone’s attention. Between the cherry sauce and the brain mold, you have a fairly realistic looking dessert. It’s a complicated process, but the reactions from your guests will make it all worth it.

Halloween Bark

Chocolate Halloween Bark

Photo: Alana Kelly

Use up Halloween candy and other treats by melting them down into one dessert. The beauty of this is that you can use any variety of candy and salty snacks that you have on hand.

Vampire Cupcakes

Fill a cupcake with some strawberry jam and you’ve got a vampire cupcake oozing with blood. They’re fun and easy to make. Or, instead of filling them, you can decorate each cake with candy to make them look like vampires.

How are you celebrating Halloween this year?

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