Month: November 2013


Easy Appetizers for Entertaining

The holiday season is upon us and soon you’ll be going to or hosting plenty of parties. Finding the right way to start your meal, can be tricky. You’ll want something delicious, but not time consuming to make. Something unique, and not just plain cheese and crackers. These appetizers for entertaining are crowd favorites and […]


6 Common Types of Squash and How to Cook Them

With so many varieties of winter squash available in many different sizes and colors, it can be confusing to decide which one to cook. Whether you decide to roast, puree or fry your squashes, each variety can be turned into a delicious meal or side dish. We’ve put together a list of common squashes along […]


10 Foods That Make You Happy

With the sun rising late and setting early in the winter afternoons, it can be easy to get yourself into a depressed funk. But, did you know, the foods we eat can help with our overall moods. Here are 10 foods to incorporate into your diet to keep you happy and smiling all through winter. 1. Spinach […]


Gyoza Dumpling Soup – A Recipe

Dumplings are a staple at all of our homes here at Fine Choice Foods HQ, and it’s not just because we make them! They’re a part of a way of life. Dumplings are comfort food and a simple quick meal. Today we present a simple recipe for a quick and easy meal featuring our Sum-m! […]


What’s In Season: November

November seems to be the forgotten month. Tucked in between Halloween and the holiday celebrations of December, is a month full of cold and rain as the temperature drops and we change our clocks back an hour. No wonder people like to forget it exists. However, it is a month full of fruits and vegetables […]


7 Things to Do With Leftover Candy (That Doesn’t Involve Eating It All)

Days after Halloween and you still have a big sack of Halloween candy. What to do with it all? You don’t want your child to eat it all, and you probably shouldn’t eat it all. Each family has a different way of dealing with the candy from Halloween. Some ban it altogether, some gorge for […]