Last Minute Stocking Stuffer Ideas from an Asian Kitchen

Are you looking for a unique gift item for your food loving friend or family member that seems to have everything? Consider some of these items which are standard items in a well-equipped Asian kitchen. With less than a week until Christmas, here are some last minute stocking ideas.

Ceramic Soup Spoons

A stack of ceramic soup spoons is a wonderful addition to the kitchen pantry. Avoid burning your tongue on a too hot metal spoon. They come in a variety of colors and patterns as well – not just the plain white or blue and white patterns that you see in Chinese restaurants.



Photo: Paul

Chopsticks are such a useful tool in the kitchen. Beyond eating traditional items like rice and noodles with them, you can use them to eat pretty much anything like salad and chips (no more cheese dust on fingers!). Chopsticks can also be used in the cooking process as they are handy for stirring and mixing things, or cooking meats or noodles. There are beautifully designed sets available, but for cooking needs, go with more practical wooden chopsticks.

A set of Asian condiments

Kick start an Asian pantry by gifting a set of condiments typically found in an Asian kitchen. Include basics like soy sauce, hoisin sauce, sesame oil, Sriracha, and rice vinegar. For more adventurous cooks get items like fish sauce, oyster sauce, gochujang (Korean chili paste), and miso paste. Put a Thai twist on it by including items like curry paste and coconut milk. Turn it into a large gift basket by including items like rice and various kinds of dried noodles. There are endless combinations of condiments.

Bamboo Steamer

bamboo steamer

Photo: Ginny

Commonly found on the dim sum table, bamboo steamers are a useful item to have in your kitchen. They’re not just for dumplings either. You can use them to steam vegetables, fish, and seafood. You can use the steamer to aid in food preparation like steaming eggplant before stir frying in order to soften it so that it can soak up more sauce.

Three Claw Tong

These unusual looking instruments look like something used to relax your head than what you would normally find in a kitchen! However, these tongs are useful for picking up plates that have been set inside pots. While they can be tricky to maneuver, they’re sturdier than the traditional two prong tongs.

Steamer Rack

Get the steamer ready

Photo: Nicole Lee

A steamer rack can be used in combination with a bamboo steamer or the three claw tongs above. Essentially the racks holds up a plate so that it can be steamed in a wok or pot.

What are you putting in stockings this year?

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