Behind the Scenes of the Food Factory

A couple weeks ago, we had the pleasure of welcoming the film crew from the Food Network’s Food Factory to our plant. They were here to feature our vegetable gyoza dumplings which will be aired on an upcoming segment in the fall.

The day started with an early arrival and before long, the crew was off getting shot after shot of our gyozas in the making.

Filming Dough Making Machine

They worked with ease, effortlessly and gracefully guiding their large video equipment in and out of our production areas.

Gyoza Filming

They filmed the entire process of the making of our vegetable gyoza – from cutting up fresh vegetables to the forming and cooking process to packaging the final product before it heads to the grocery store.

Gyoza Packaging Filming

Finally, they sat down with our Sales and Marketing Manager to chat about our product.

Stay tuned to the Food Network to see our vegetable gyozas! In the meantime, enjoy this segment on our vegetable spring rolls which was previously featured on Food Network.

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