30 Years Celebration Blog Series – Sum-m! of Our Food

Sum-m of our food

The food at Fine Choice Foods has come a long way since 1986. We have gone from making a large variety of dim sum and popular Chinese dishes in the late 80s and early 90s, to streamlining and perfecting our Spring Rolls, Gyozas, Egg Rolls, Wontons and sauces over the last decade.

While we were searching for memorabilia to celebrate our 30th anniversary, we came across our very first, hand written, recipe book. Look at all the cooking stains from it being in our tiny production kitchen on Cambie St.!

original recipe book-1

The very first page is the table of contents that, somewhat correspond with the pages inside. Items on this list (from top to bottom).

  1. 饅頭 – Steamed bun
  2. 馬拉糕 – Chinese Steamed Sponge Cake
  3. 酸梅排骨 – plum sauced ribs
  4. 春捲汁 – Spring Roll Sauce
  5. 椰汁馬拉糕 – Coconut flavoured Steamed Sponge Cake
  6. 豬肉餃子 – Pork (Gow Jee) Dumpling
  7. 豬肉韭素餃子 – Pork and Chive Gow Jee Dumpling
  8. 牛肉餃子 – Beef Gow Jee Dumpling
  9. 咖哩牛肉餃子 – Curry Beef Gow Jee Dumpling
  10. 奶油雞餃子 – Creamy Chicken Gow Jee Dumpling
  11. 姜蔥雞餃子– Ginger Scallion Chicken Gow Jee Dumpling
  12. 鮮蝦餃子 – Prawn Gow Jee Dumpling
  13. 素菜餃子 – Vegetable Gow Jee Dumpling
  14. 咕嚕肉 – Sweet & Sour Pork
  15. 片糖年糕 – Brown Sugar Chinese New Year Rice Cake
  16. 椰汁年糕 – Coconut flavoured Chinese New Year Rice Cake
  17. 橙汁年糕 – Orange flavoured Chinese New Year Rice Cake
  18. 芝麻年糕 – Sesame flavoured Chinese New Year Rice Cake
  19. 新年角仔 – New Year Deep fried dumpling, 蘿蔔糕 – Radish cake , 芋頭糕 – Taro cake
  20. 越南春捲 – Vietnamese Spring Roll
  21. 海鮮餃 – Seafood Gow Jee Dumpling
  22. 煎堆 – Deep Fried glutinous rice balls
  23. 麥面筋 – Wheat Gluten, 餃子皮 – Gow Jee Dumpling Wrapper
  24. 餃子汁 – Gow Jee Dumpling Sauce
  25. 京都排骨汁 – Kyoto Pork Rib sauce, 鮮蝦燒賣 – Prawn Siu Mai, 数字排骨 – Sweet Dark Vinegar Ribs
  26. 肉春捲 – Pork Spring Roll, 菜春捲 – Vegetable Spring Roll
  27. 菠蘿雞 – Pineapple Chicken, Dim Sum Sauce

Once Fine Choice Foods moved its production to River Drive, our menu grew to 50 items! We have our old price list here with our retail price back in 1991. Like our recipes, our price also didn’t change much!

A lot of our products were hand made until we got this beauty in 1997, our very first spring roll machine from Japan. This machine automated the making of our spring roll wrappers which saved us the process of having to separate wrappers from the stack.  It produced wrappers one sheet at a time onto a conveyor belt. A hopper then dispensed the correct amount of filling on to the wrapper for us. The team no longer had to worry about anything else other than rolling the perfect spring rolls. It was a big step for us and it helped increase efficiencies.

Finally, let’s have a look at how our foods have evolved through the years.

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