How to Cook Gyozas When The Power is Out



Earlier this October, British Columbia got hit with a huge storm. This one lasted 3-4 days long to be exact. The storm brought periods of heavy rains and strong winds, so strong that the power went off for a few hours at our plant in Richmond, BC. To keep ourselves occupied for the next couple of hours, we did a little experiment. We fried up a couple of gyozas with a 3 wicked candle!

All we used are Sum-m! gyozas, cooking oil, water, a small fry pan, and a 3 wicked candle.


Cooking Gyozas with a Candle


The result? Hot gyozas with a browned bottom!

Watch our video and learn how you can satisfy your gyoza craving while staying warm the next time a storm hits and your power goes out!  Just a friendly reminder, please be very careful with the candles if you try this at home.