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It’s time to head back to school!

Are you sending your little ones off to school for the first time? Are you a year away from graduating? Or are you someone who is heading back to school in the evening to upgrade your skills for work?  Either way, it is time for all of us to settle into a new routine after an amazing summer and we want to help!

We surveyed our staff and asked what was their must have for back to school – for themselves or their kids. We made a list, did our back to school shopping, and we are now giving them all to you! Hopefully, this prize pack will help you get through those rushed mornings, homework, after-school activities, and the late night study sessions.


Here are our back to school must haves (and what you will win)


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1. Sum-m!  Computer Backpack  ($50)

A cool backpack was a must have during high school, but when university rolled around, a laptop backpack is a must have. Many of our younger team members went to lectures and lab with a laptop or a tablet.

2. Fine Choice Foods Retractable Folding Umbrella ($24)

Back to school also means back to rain in the Lower Mainland. An umbrella that’s small enough to tuck away when you’re in class or on public transit is a must have.

3. Thermos Food Jar ($28)

Thermos food jars are a popular item among our staff with young children. Not every elementary school and high school have microwaves readily available for students to reheat their lunch. The insulated food jar allows them to pack hot lunches for their kids during the winter season.

4. Contigo Glass Water Bottle ($16)

A good, sturdy water bottle is a must-have for anyone. Some of us even have a few at our desk! Although plastic bottles are lighter, we encourage our team here to use a glass or stainless steel bottle. Glass bottles are sure to be free of harmful chemicals and nix all BPA concerns.

5. Sharpie Ultra Fine Permanent Markers ($9)

Today, ultra fine markers are used to colour the fine details in an adult colouring books. In high school, permanent markers are great to doodle on binders and with all these colours. They are also great for colour coding notes and items in an agenda. Sharpies are so versatile there are lots of Pinterest DIY boards for it. We have one too. See what else you can do with your Sharpies here.

6. Create 365 12 Month Planner Kit ($56)

Before life with smartphones and Facebook, phone numbers, appointments, birthdays were all recorded by hand. A few ladies here at Fine Choice Foods remember using these cute and expandable planners that they can throw easily into their purse. Some say the refill sheets are still available in some Japanese or Korean gift shops! Surprisingly, monthly planners are back to help everyone get organized! We would like to suggest using those ultra fine sharpies with this.

7. One Step Hand Sanitizers ($3)

Unlike our plant where hand sanitizer stations are everywhere, they’re not at school. For those of you who transit to and from school, work and after school activities, a travel sized hand sanitizer is a must!

8. Sum-m! Product Collection ($65)

Our convenient and tasty products to make a great addition to any meals or can be served as a meal on their own. So heat up our Gyozas in the microwave, put them in the Thermos Food Jar, and when lunch time rolls around, you have hot lunch ready to go! Our Crispy Spring Rolls make a great afterschool snack!


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The contest runs from September 1st and closes September 23.
*Due to food regulations, this contest is open to residents of Canada only.

Sum-m! Back to School Giveaway! ($250 value)